our starlit staircase and a slick of paint

It’s a wonder what a good slick of paint can do.


After scrubbing to get rid of the 30 plus years of grime, we are now having a slick of paint added to the stairwell. Or rather, 3 slicks of paint, plus re-plastering. We are still perplexed on what or how to paint the raw concrete stairwell on the top floor. But at least some of the repairs and imperfections are being covered up on the lower two levels. And it looks so so much cleaner and hygienic.

Before we started to scour the walls, we decided to paint them a natural raffia colour, as this was the closest  to the original grease and grime. But after the washing, the paint we chose did not match the cleaned walls. What the heck, we liked the colour of the grease and grime. So were painting them in the the natural raffia.


We are highlighting the beams in a pristine white paint, and we tried to match the original green paint used on the dado.

I’m so glad its not me up there on the scaffolding.



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