Updates: were doing more renos

Renos & Renovations at Bric-à-Brac.
Thats correct, we’re revamping. So despite our adherence to wabi-sabi design elements, it’s all been on the plans for almost a year, and by next week we’ll have it completed in the first bedroom.

First up: our bathrooms, with black and white wall tiles, stucco, electrics and plumbing. We’ve added new brass taps and shower rosettes, as well. So glam! As well, the height of  Indochine room door has  been raised (something our tall guests will doubly appreciate!), plus its door now opens leftward. (It used to be a little difficult, with the door and  light switch fighting on the other side, with a  manoeuvre to to get in and out of the bathroom with the lights on. Now its so simple: open the door, turn the light on, and Bob’s your uncle.  Best of all, I made a Chinese-style wooden door latch for the new door. Very traditional.

Another major repair are sewers, and access. Battambang’s ageing plumbing system never makes this an easy task. We dug a huge 2.5 meter hole on the footpath/sidewalk outside the lobby door — and a perfect excuse to retile our outside entry in the process! Weve been promised that it will be completed today. Alas, early seasonal rains are playing a bit of havoc, but what else is new?

This weekend we hosted a 20-odd German group booking out the bar, with good friend DJ Amro playing his Sunset Sessions once again, serenading clients and passers-by alike.  It’s all part of the  fun and games here living in Cambodia, but the reality is,… ITS A CRAZY TIME, worth every ounce of sweat and the rare tear.

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