this time, last year – and we’ve nearly unpacked all the boxes

This time last year, we received our 40-ft high top container of our life from Australia. Overnight, in the rain,  it was unloaded from the container into separate truck loads to enter the Battambang city centre, then unloaded into what is now our Boutique shop.  The room was filled from wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling. It was my birthday and this was like a huge room filled with birthday presents. Little did realise, that these presents wouldd take a full year to open.

The majority of the packing boxes remaining are cookbooks that have been resting unpacked in our office all this time. We have been trying to have a book shelf made over the past 10 months to house the thousands of titles that Robert collected. I think we tried about 5 carpenters during this time. Our first carpenter took three months to turn up, and then decided he did not want to do the work. We did get an initial set started and installed, but after 5 days the shelves split and bowed. To our surprise the carpenter refused to come and repair the work stating that it was our fault, our fault because we ordered cheap wood! We thought we had actually ordered a lighter wood to ensure we did not overweigh the upper floors , and not heavy wood. We did not realise that it was cheap! But, according to them,  it was all our fault. Looking back, I think it was our fault that we paid on delivery and did not wait five days to pay in fool (excuse the slight of word). Lucky carpenter.


But finally, we have had these repaired by another carpenter, and have had the remaining shelves completed. Now nearly all our boxes from the delivery a year ago have been unpacked and finally we can have a decent looking office. But the dust!!!!


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