Our logo and my attempt at getting business cards printed

B&B or BorBor (congee) or Battambang BB. Or Bed & breakfast. Love the alliteration…

Khmer for B is pronounced Bohr.
Bead and Breakfast
Big is Beautiful
All of this is represented in our logo. B&B. Or Bohr and Bohr. B+B

Today I trundled off on my bike to get some buisness cards. USB stick with the new logo in three formats tucked in my pocket. Upon arrival I asked in my best Khmer (which is basically, “hello”) what paper choices to offer me? 20 minutes later I was back on my bike. Riding 300m/1/4 mi up Street 1 to find the book shop. They had paper stock vaguely to choose: an insipid choice of A4 paper, Reflex 80gsm bleached white. So I looked in all the shelves, opened the drawers, and in the back room I found a brown cardboard. About 130gsm but it was as big as a motorcycle. 16 x A4 size to be precise. Happy with the choice, I bought a sheet. And planning more sheeting tomorrow.

Trundling off on my bike 300m back down to the printers with the rolled up sheet of cardboard under my arms, zooming through the tuk tuks and motor cycles with monks on the back of the motorcycles being ferried around town I ended up back at the printers.
Running in, excited with my new brown paper that I found at the book shop rolled up under my arms, hoping they would not say, in their best English a decisive “NO!”

Delightedly I wa as unrolling the cardboard, their reply was, ” I have to ask Brother.”

Brother came down from the home above the shop and said a simple yes and started painstakingly cutting,– at no extra charge, the oversized sized board into individual A4 sheets.

Some things are so obliging here, just a little patience and cajoling and you can get what you desire. Tomorrow I’ll be back to preview sampling. Here’s to the printers of Battambang. Good night. And see you tomorrow with a stunning sample with our new logo.



Update: Three days, and four samples later, we have been assured we will have the cards ready for our departure to the US on Saturday.

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