It’s been four weeks away from Battambang and we finally arrive back tonight.

We just spent a month in Myanmar hosting a FoodTOUR and finally we will arrive back to Battambang this evening.

While in Myanmar we purchased slates to use as blackboards, lacquerware items, handwoven cotton to make the stairwell lampshades and other bric-a-brac.

All the renovations were put on hold during this time. The clear sealer for the cement floors has arrived from Nippon paints warehouse in Singapore. Our doors to the top floor rooms should have been completed. I am also hoping to see a prototype of the frames for the stairwell shades. But who knows?

In five days the container from Sydney is due to arrive and unloaded. Thus we need to finish the top floor, the kitchen floor and hopefully the Bathroom walls on the first floor.

If we arrive back in time this evening, we can get the floor cement sealer in time to apply the first coat early in the morning. Let’s hope. We need three coats before the container arrives, each requiring 24 hours’ drying time. Another rushed time frame in a sleepy town.

We do love living in Cambodia.

It’s been four weeks away from Battambang and we finally arrive back tonight.

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  1. dont forget the waterproofing (aquaseal) on the bathroom cement floor and bottom quarter of walls – this has to be thoroughly dry before tiling and you also needs 3 coats of this stuff – 24 hrs between each coat.
    Sorry we’re not coming now but It would seem that you have a truck load of things to do to get sorted. I do hope you get time to relax and no travelling on Malaysian Airlines do you hear!

    lodge July 18, 2014 at 11:08 am #

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