We celebrated with a bottle of champagne in Battambang

We have a shower. We have two toilets. And today we had a kitchen sink installed.

The exhaust fans in the bathroom are now cemented into the walls, although initially half were set in upside down.

Two of the four pedestals for the bathroom sinks have been made and one actually has a sink. Still now faucet.

Our container from Sydney arrived on my birthday. Possibly the Guiness Book of Records for the most presents?

Great achievements have been made, so  it was time to open a bottle of Champaigne.


We still do not have the taps to the sinks. We have umpteen millions boxes to unpack. Our freezer from Sydney needs re-gassing. The universal electric sockets we had installed all through the building do not take Australian electric plugs. We do not have pipes to the sinks. Three bathrooms do not have floors, toilets or any piping. Saturday we bought 15m of copper piping for the sinks, popped it next to the kitchen sink and opened that wonderful bottle of champagne. A local wine merchant gave it to us as a house warming present. It felt like home. Bubbles and a home cooked meal. Sitting on our sofa and watching a dvd on our own tv. Now we feel like we are home.

Sunday morning I went down into the kitchen on the ground floor, popped the empty bottle of Champaign on the floor. The workers love the empty bottles, they take them home and I think use them for water containers. I made a pot of coffee and discovered we had left a window wide open. Looking around I saw the emptied plastic bag the copper pipe was in laying on the floor, and no copper pipe. Monday, off to buy another 15m.


We celebrated with a bottle of champagne in Battambang

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  1. Cheers you two! and HB Morrie.
    It seems you need a Copper – ah, those Village People!
    email floor plans – and post some more pix of unpacking and stuff.
    Shine the light lads and I’ll keep the home fires burning.

    lodge July 30, 2014 at 10:50 pm #

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