Robert Carmack

Robert is author of five cookbooks, Thai Cooking and Vietnamese Cooking from Periplus and  most recently The Burma Cookbook. His books are sold the world over, in both English and foreign-language translations. (Robert’s book Fondue is translated into seven editions.) A popular television food stylist, Robert is a native of America’s Pacific Northwest, and divides his time between Sydney, Southeast Asia, and the U.S.

Morrison Polkinghorne

Morrison is a textile designer, specializing in hand-crafted French-style trimmings, braids and tassels. His company, Passementeries, exports world-wide, and he also represents prestige interior designers. Morrison is an authority on hand-loom weaving techniques. He is based in Battambang, Cambodia.


Our specialty…

We love Southeast Asia. We adore its rich diversity in cuisines — from vibrant Thai curries to refreshing Vietnamese salads; from comforting Chinese stocks to a wealth of seafood. Its people are among the friendliest on earth — witness the broad, almost Cheshire-cat smiles of Burmese and Lao children. And value for money, you can’t match the quality of hotels, restaurants and exquisite crafts: from silk to silver, lacquer to gemstones. This is a part of the world where the US dollar still goes a long way…


Our philosophy…

Discover a country’s culture first through its foods. Let us introduce you to an authentic world of local flavors, not homogenized tastes geared for tourists. Naturally, we include artisan crafts, historical sites, and local specialists. Globetrotting Gourmet is committed to sustainable tourism and responsible travel. We recognize not only the environmental and cultural costs that tourism can exert, but conversely how to contribute positively. We ensure your dollars are directly shared throughout communities: to individual operators and small businesses alike, and not just to large, foreign owned consortiums.

Globetrotting Gourmet specializes in low-impact small group and individual travel, and we strive to give our clients the most authentic experience possible. In return, we also designate a portion of our proceeds from each and every tour to a local worthy cause or training program (also see “Donations” below).


Our tours…

Globetrotting Gourmet® appeals to food lovers first and foremost. We look at the food in its many guises, from farming to marketing to hawker food and restaurant fare alike. with cooking classes just one part of the full recipe. Each and every food tour is unique, resulting from the fact that we host only a couple a year. Our small-group tour experience is restricted to 16 maximum, but often as small as eight.

Robert and Morrison personally visit each country prior to organizing day-by-day itineraries, and we specifically select all locations, hotels, events and menus. We do not farm this work off to intermediary travel wholesalers. All group tours are personally hosted by Robert and Morrison, and we include a local translator or guide when appropriate. We can assure you, our tours are not like the standard group tour.



As a way of thanking local communities for hosting us in their countries and villages. We specifically designate a charitable organization or needy person to receive a portion of our proceeds. In the past, we have donated computer equipment to an impoverished school in rural Thailand, sponsored a year’s culinary scholarship in Cambodia, and purchased an essential motorbike for a guide in Laos. Other donations include seed money to teach sustainable agricultural practices in Thailand’s impoverished Isan region, plus designated grants in the same area to encourage at-risk children to stay in school. We’ve allocated future donations to protect the endangered giant Mekong catfish, and feeding the hungry in a Rangoon monastery.