Bric-a-Brac first anniversary

It’s been one year since our Bric-à-Brac inaugural party in Battambang — so it’s time to celebrate again!!!!

Please join us Saturday night 21 Nov from 5-9 pm.
No 112, 2 Street — one block south of Psar Nath
077 531 549 & 077 531 562

Last Nov 21 we opened our Bric-à-Brac doors to a city curiously pondering what was going on behind our Battambang-blue steel grates over so many months of construction.
  • We started as a design atelier for making 18th century French style tassels and trimmings, and that quickly morphed into a Boutique.
  • We launched a 3-room B+B, whose colonial restoration was an exemplar for “old is beautiful.”  We restored vs. renovated, salvaging our building’s original tiles and painted finishes, then furnished all-natural bedding and goose down pillows, and bespoke concierge service to our guests.
  • We opened our al fresco Bar for evening drinks and snacks, and the lazy lull of watching Battambang street life as it retires over the evening.
We were originally drawn to Battambang because of its creative artistic community, and we’ve since been overwhelmed by the city’s hospitality. We feel like honoured guests.
We choose to live here because it is not like “home,”  and we would never dare to compare Cambodia to another country, nor would we want to.  We value our Khmer staff, are delighted by the numerous letters and comments we receive about their quality of work, and we are grateful.
So its time to celebrate our #1 anniversary!  Last year we had free wine. This year, it’s only $1 — to reflect our number one year.  Please stop by on Saturday 21 November for a glass of French white wine — especially poured from magnums, just like last year.
Our normal menu is also on offer, and there will be some $1 taste treats and Boutique gifts.
While here, view weavers making intricate braid, our skilled craftsmen thread-wrapping beads for decorative arts and interior design projects.  If you have yet to visit our Boutique, this is your chance to see it all, and perhaps spy some Christmas gift ideas at the same time — even before we install our Christmas decorations in December.
See you on Saturday Nov 21, and  thank you everyone, both expat and local.
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