make bees wax furniture polish

We came across a school desk and decided to use it in our Indochine room. All it needed was a sanding but then we had to make bees wax furniture polish to finish it off.


The choices we have in Battambang to finish any wooden furniture off is to leave it raw, paint it or to coat it in a high glaze cheep polyurethane that everyone loves here. But after my visit to the candle factory three weeks earlier, we decided to return and buy some bees wax from them. This was not cheep, or should I say it was not as cheap as the local polyurethane. The bees wax is a local Cambodian wax that they use and it smells delicious like a local honey, At $25 a kg it should be all that plus more.

Now all I had to do was to turn it into furniture polish. Follow these steps and you to can make bees wax furniture polish as good as any you can find anywhere.


step 1

Grate the bees wax and melt it in a double boiler.



step 2

When melted, stire in equal amounts of an oil. Here we uses a coconut oil.



step 3

Pour it into a jar, stir it until it cools and sets



step 4

Apply a small amount to a cloth, rub it into the wood. Small circular motions is the best to get it into the grains. Allow it to dry, about 15 min is good. Then buff it off with another cloth. Repeat this step again to give your furniture a wonderful traditional finish.




How does it compare to other bees wax furniture polish I have bought and used in the past? 10/10

So make bees wax furniture polish – because it smells so good.


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