Making bamboo concrete pedestal for our sinks

Here is how to make a bamboo concrete pedestal.

The hand basins we liked for our new home needed some form of pedestal to rest on.  The basin had no area for a tap, and we would make a tap from shaping a copper pipe. We looked at using a wooden tree trunk to make the pedestal, and decided it was too difficult and it would possibly lead to rotten wood a decade later. We had allot of cement, so decided to form the pedestal in the shape of the base of the sink.

Battambang has plenty of bamboo, and make the encasing for the concrete out of bamboo was logical. This was an experiment, not even the local workers knew if would work. But with many discussions and plenty of planning, it worked like a charm.


The bamboo encasing was made by using 80cm strips of bamboo, string together by plastic strips.


Trace the base of the sink onto the floor as this will be the shape the bamboo encasing will follow.  Insert steal rods into the floor for strength.
After wiring the encasing to the steel rods pour in the concrete. We added a small amount of green dye to the concrete we used. Remember to leave enough space at the back to allow access for the s-bend.



Remove the bamboo when the cement has hardened.




After attaching the pipes to the sink, cement the sink onto the pedestal and allot to dry. Finish the cement with a coat of concrete sealer. This adds a sheen and it also makes it water proof. We used Nippon Paints Polyamide-Epoxy, a clear sealer. Primer EP4 + Sealer EA4




Making bamboo concrete pedestal for our sinks

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  1. You are just TOO clever!!! Looks fabulous xx

    Becks Rossiter August 13, 2014 at 10:57 pm #
  2. Looks great! It’s great fun watching a creative mind at work.

    Helen McHargue August 13, 2014 at 11:59 pm #

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