Candle stick making

Waxing & waning, cooking & tasseling

We’ve welcome in-house guests at Bric-a-Brac for candle making, Myanmar cooking classes, and tassel making.

Using recipes from The Burma Cookbook, stroll through the Deco Psar Nath market in the early evening to learn about  indigenous ingredients, plus buying victuals for the evening. Return to the kitchen for a cooling glass of lemongrass tea, then we commence cooking. The finale is a sit down dinner around our 19th century carved baronial table in the middle of our shop, while gazing out through the windows at local life here at Bric-a-Brac.


One of my favourite artisan making events we do here is candle making. We’ll take you to an antiquated candle factory where in one day a single worker makes about 5000 candles. In our class we make only two.

bric-a-brac-battambang-candle-stick-making-1bric-a-brac-battambang-candle-making bric-a-brac-battambang-candle-making-1

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