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Lane Community College and Bric-à-Brac auction


Congratulations to Janet Anderson, Evelyn Anderton and Jeanne Staton. Morrison and Robert were guest chefs at this year’s 50th Lane Community College anniversary, cooking for 400 people at their annual Harvest Dinner.  The fundraiser gained a record $360,00. for scholarships. We were delighted to offer Bric-à-Brac Battambang as one of the auction items: five nights stay at […]

Moving to Cambodia, farewell Sydney

moving to Cambodia

After 27 years in our Sydney warehouse we are moving to Cambodia, Battambang. We have everything packed onto a container and were set to leave in 23 hours. T’is a great feeling, its a mixture of happiness, exhaustion and sadness to be leaving friends. But basically we feel the sense of calmness. We have a lunch […]

our new spot

Battamabang  Rice Field

Follow our progress as we renovate this 3-story premises in the heart of colonial Battambang, Cambodia.  Our design showroom teaches local Khmers the art of classic 18th century French trimmings and tassels; Film stylist and guest artist programs as of September; Cooking classes — from classic French to Khmer and pan-Asian, plus market tours in the […]