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Updates: were doing more renos


Renos & Renovations at Bric-à-Brac. Thats correct, we’re revamping. So despite our adherence to wabi-sabi design elements, it’s all been on the plans for almost a year, and by next week we’ll have it completed in the first bedroom. First up: our bathrooms, with black and white wall tiles, stucco, electrics and plumbing. We’ve added new brass taps […]

Sibella Court soap dishes now @ Bric-à-Brac


On a recent run back to Sydney, I visited my friend Sibella Court especially to buy these stunning soap dishes. Bric-à-Brac could not resist having these hanging in our hotel’s Cambodian bathrooms. This monger soap dish was specially commissioned using enamelled cast iron for enhanced durability and weight. It is the perfect addition to our period bathrooms and wabi-sabi decor […]