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Eating amok


Eating amok What exactly is Cambodian cuisine? In a nation impoverished for over a generation by warfare and divided geographically across its diaspora, it’s difficult to surmise even what it was, let alone what it is. For example, there is still no formal Cambodian culinary curriculum taught in the Kingdom. Instead, ASEAN programs dominate hospitality […]

Waxing & waning, cooking & tasseling

Candle stick making

We’ve welcome in-house guests at Bric-a-Brac for candle making, Myanmar cooking classes, and tassel making. Using recipes from The Burma Cookbook, stroll through the Deco Psar Nath market in the early evening to learn about  indigenous ingredients, plus buying victuals for the evening. Return to the kitchen for a cooling glass of lemongrass tea, then we commence cooking. The finale is […]

Who knows what the jam is


“who knows” is the name of our latest jamming effort, harvested from the back garden of Touch & Darren. A native Cambodian fruit resembling a small green star anise without the points, we’re still trying to decipher an English generic name for “kantuith”.  Plus we still need to deal with its lack of pectin (and subsequent […]

Smashed tea


We’ve longed pined for Ceylon grade orange pekoe, packed in wooden boxes for wool shearers.  It seems the New Zealanders were long onto something, as savouring each sip was a nostalgic path back to the days when brews were strong, sheilas stout, and loose leaf de rigueur. Bugger tea strainers: at church socials the ladies […]

Battambang Moon Cake


There are numerous festivals in Asia, and our first Battambang mid autumn (Moon Cake) festival was celebrated by a visit from our good friend Tao, his mother Patience and her partner from China. Those who have been on a tour with us to Yunnan would have met there. The threesome traveled from Kunming to Bangkok, then took […]