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a nailed sign


We nailed it with this  “Guests Only” sign. Well I didn’t actually hammer every nail into the wood, but I punched each and every template hole, and  it took three days for Mr Channa to hit the nails into position. All lined up in a row to neatly create the text. And just to let […]

Waxing & waning, cooking & tasseling

Candle stick making

We’ve welcome in-house guests at Bric-a-Brac for candle making, Myanmar cooking classes, and tassel making. Using recipes from The Burma Cookbook, stroll through the Deco Psar Nath market in the early evening to learn about  indigenous ingredients, plus buying victuals for the evening. Return to the kitchen for a cooling glass of lemongrass tea, then we commence cooking. The finale is […]

Teaching how to make a turks head knot


Today, I taught two people how to make a turks head knot. Last week I tried to teach a left-handed person, but that was more problematic. Years ago I had bought a cufflink in New York that consisted of two turks’ heads and I tried to copy it. Eight hours later, I successfully achieved my first. Now days, after making thousands […]