Grand Opening at Bric-à-Brac

We packed the showroom at our Battambang grand opening on Friday, November 21.

The day started by being woken up in the morning by 40 school students cleaning the streets around the town. They were outside our home sweeping the foot path and cleaning out the gutters. I have never seen this before here in Cambodia, always a first for anything. It was a great start to a brilliant day ahead for the grand opening.

Our good friends Jenny Lodge Wauchope and Jane Roarty flew in from Australia to style the event. They devoted three days unpacking boxes, dusting, moving furniture, cooking,  and helping us prepare in numerous other ways for the opening. Painters were here helping touching up, electricians installing last minute fixtures, and everyone carried  boxes. Our maid was also doing more than the usual. We even had some street kids washing the windows.

We had planned for about ten people but we hoped for more. Instead some 100 people turned up for the event, and we ran out of wine early on.  Luckily we had invited the wine guy Franck from Cellier d’Asie who was more than willing to ferry more over.

The streets were filled with bikes, motor cycles and tuk-tuks. We also had tourists walking past and asking what was happening. Cookbook author and stylist Leanne Kitchen made a surprise visit to Battambang, and delayed her departure just to attend. Jane organised guided tours of our three B&B rooms, while delicious delights prepared and served by Jenny. Even our tuk-tuk driver Vanny came and helped clean glasses on the evening.

It was a fun night. Thanks everyone for your generosity and help.



Grand Opening at Bric-à-Brac

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