We saved some tiles for the kitchen floor

Finding replacement tiles has beed a difficult adventure.

A fraction of our kitchen floor is a hodge lodge of tiles — apron an eighth. The main area are tiles made in Cambodia many decades ago. Trying to replace the ill-suited modern tiles has been an effort. So we have been able to salvage some of the old tiles in one of the upstairs bedrooms from where we are installing a bathroom. 22 tiles and a lot of broken pieces to repair the kitchen floor.



We laid polished cement on the ground floor (now we just need to actually polish it, lol), plus our bedroom ceiling has been scrubbed and painted with a chalk sealer clear sheen. The ceiling cement was previously layered onto planks of wood covered with rice bags. When the cement dried, and the planks removed, the rice bags left an imprint, leaving a stunning industrial effect.

Bric-a-brac_Battambang_bedroom_ceiling  Bric-a-brac_Battambang_ceiliong_bedroomBric-a-brac_Battambang_bedroom_floor Bric-a-brac_Battambang_ground-floor

We leave Sunday  on  our way to start the Burma FoodTOUR. It has been a busy few days, and the next will be even busier — although construction work in Battambang will stop entirely. First,  a 5-hr van ride to Phnom Penh, and a visit to the Lawyer on Monday. Then a 55 moinute flight to Bangkok, two nights there, then  another hour  flight to Yangon/Rangoon. I adore living in this part of the world. Everything is so close.




We saved some tiles for the kitchen floor

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  1. have a good journey.
    love those tiles.

    lodge June 25, 2014 at 10:19 pm #

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