Friday, our first monsoon rains hit – and what a relief it is

It was a lovely day today. Then the monsoon rains hit and the temperature dropped.

This morning we seemingly accomplished so much: first we grabbed some local fried sweet breads (a priority) then went back to the Khmer relief factory and bought additional concrete for a feature pillar in the foyer, plus an exquisite finial. Ran to the rattan makers and & saw our white chairs. Roberts ‘R’ looked great, but my ‘M’ looked like an H. So we’ll pick them up tomorrow when my ‘M’ is redone. We also asked for an additional coat of white, for that timeless colonial look.  I have not seen any classic white rattan anywhere in Battambang. Maybe I’ll start a trend? That loo0k is so classic. (Robert mentioned how popular white rattan furniture was in North America in the 1920s and prior Edwardian period, discerned from pictures of leading resorts of the era.)



In the mid afternoon the monsoon rains started. So what did we decide to do? We ran off for a manicure, pedicure and a haircut. Two haircuts, one manicure , two pedicures and one facial. All that for US$10!  And why did we choose this place? Not the cheap price, and certainly not because of the decor. ( Their theory on design is, if it clashes, use it. Do not use one wallpaper – use two, and one must use glitter on the walls.)  I’m thinking if we design similarly in  our new home, the workers could relate to what we are doing, and respect us more.  As if…

No one spoke English at the dressers, so all the communications with the hairdresser was with hand actions. I really have to learn more Khmer, as I left with a mohawk. (Robert says I look like Tweety Bird) Do’s and Don’ts, haha.

Bric-a-brac_Battambang_hairdresser Bric-a-brac_Battambang_morrison_mohawk


Back at the house,  the kitchen walls are  all scoured and only the ceiling now needs a good scrubbing. Wish we could say it is all looking so bright, clean and fresh, but then, we are trying to achieve a distressed look.  So grime out, but age in. Tomorrow the pipes are laid,  and then finally our first toilet, an essential prior to our moving in.


A brilliant day for our first monsoon rains.

Friday, our first monsoon rains hit – and what a relief it is

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  1. The hair cut is hilarious. Better carry in a photo next time…although in hot and muggy weather you might want a shaved head.
    The white rattan chairs are lovely..oh and I really liked the numbers on the stairs from yesterday’s photos. Just add a little glitter and they’ll be perfect:). You’ll probably never wear real shoes again either will you? Will it be sandals every day? Congratulations on a wonderful, productive first week of both building and journaling the progress.

    Helen McHargue June 14, 2014 at 1:10 pm #
  2. I didn’t know Robert was that old!

    lodge June 14, 2014 at 1:22 pm #

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