The kitchen walls are finally clean, but now the hard yakka

After scrubbing for three solid days, the kitchen walls are now cleaned.

I can not believe it took three solid days to clean the kitchen walls. But I guess after 20 years without a scrub, three days is not so long.  It’s the first it feels like some thing is actually being achieved. Now it will need the plumbing and re-wiring. The electrics have started in our bedroom, and today we  started to paint. The stove & oven arrive in our shipment mid July along with everything else.  I can’t wait.

Before leaving Sydney it was so frantic with the packing, seeing friends and cancelling the telephone. We had planned to take a few days off when we arrived here and go to Bangkok or to Saigon. But we know we can’t do any extraneous travels until the workers know precisely what they are doing on the renovation. And in design sense, never the twain shall meet… We leave for Rangoon/Yangon on the 22nd hosting a food tour so we will take a few days off in Yangon. This is one of the reasons why we moved to Cambodia, we can now just flit off to somewhere exotic for a few days.




The kitchen walls are finally clean, but now the hard yakka

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  1. you’ll be able to flit off to the kitchen soon – yay!

    lodge June 15, 2014 at 2:39 pm #

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