Day 4 alas, no handmade tiles today

We nearly ordered handmade tiles today on our quest for the new Art-Stay home. But alas we must go to Phnom Penh for the finer ones we want.



One of the features of our home is the old handmade tiles that they used in former generations. Some need replacing, and some have been replaced with those modern Chinese tiles that remind one of a stark dental surgery in some out of the way Asian country town. All gloss, no glitz. The factory we visited today in Battambang formerly made the handmade tiles that were used in our home but not now. They stopped making them many years ago, and now they only make tiles only for outside pavements. I’d also love that water pot on our roof so I can start Indigo dying.

Bric-a-brac_Battambang_tile_lady Bric-a-brac_Battambang_tiles_water_pot


While  “tuk-tuking” around town today, we quenched our thirst with an ice-cold fresh coconut water from a vender on the road side. This was just like a drive-through, as we just sat in the back of the tuk tuk while ordering  (plus one for the driver). The vender hacked at the coconuts, popped in a straw and handed them to us. (The service is impeccable here in Battambang.) Today we bought five toilets, a mattress, sand, bricks and cement. We ended up back at the rattan shop as we need a bed base for the mattress. I can’t believe Robert, who can’t believe I bought two Rattan chairs is now buying a rattan bed base. But we are painting them white for a retro-colonial feel, and I might even coat them with sash cord for a design effect.

Bric-a-brac_Battambang_coconut Bric-a-brac_Battambang_shop_van Bric-a-brac_Battambang_sand Bric-a-brac_Battambang_one_toilet


Tomorrow the electrician starts. The downstairs bathroom is to be demolished, a wall is coming out, the asian squat hole toilet is will be removed, a floor with the ugly blue tiles goes. Now we just have to find the handmade tiles. But that will try to sourse them in Phnom Penh on Wednesday. Or we may go for (not so simply) polished concrete.



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