Day 3 and we have Rattan Furniture

We had our Tuk Tuk driver Mr Tah pick us up at 9:30 so we could go shopping in Battambang for sinks and toilets for the new home,  but we only ended up with two rattan chairs.


We will be back tomorrow to get the toilets, sinks and other paraphernalia.  I adore some of the choices here as they are so retro. But the response from the staff is, ‘Not good quality. It is from China.’ Indeed, that’s a common refrain here — despite the fact that everything back home in Oz seems to come from China these days, and we have little choice.


The highlight of today definitely was when we visited a family making rattan furniture. We ended up ordering two white rattan chairs and are our first purchase for the new home, painted white for a retro colonial look vs troppo tortoiseshell. . I have visions of us sitting on the roof watching the day go below us by while working on the laptop, sipping a G&T while the sun goes down over the colonial architectural skyline.

The family make many styles of rattan chairs and tables. All the rattan is cleaned, trimmed and woven as you shop.  I have to tell you, we were not planning on buying any rattan furniture, but they were so comfortable and our container from Australia does not arrive for another month before we have a chair to sit on. And just as I was about to pay I had a design flash –> let’s get them monogrammed! The sides of these chairs had a swirl that looked like an ‘S’ So I asked if we could have one chair with an ‘M’ and the other one with an ‘R’. And it’s not a problem, they can! We will pick them up on Friday. Hopefully painted shiny white and ideally Friday night I’ll be on the roof and watch the sun setting. Now where do I source tonic water?


Another event today, we got the keys for the house. And then we ran for a beer and a light dinner across the river at our local. The food is fun, and the beer is cold. Sky is a true midnight blue at dusk here in Battambang.

Day 3 and we have Rattan Furniture

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  1. You know you cn make yer own tonic water ? Google a recipe! Buy the ‘bark’ online.
    Better get a pale powder blue rattan chair with J woven into it. Jane can sit in it when I’m not there, as could John or Joanie or Jim!

    lodge June 9, 2014 at 12:37 am #
  2. Can’t wait to see the chairs. Steve and I have a pair from Ghana with our names carved on the back. We’re happy to donate an “L” and “S” to your growing collection – in green and gold :->

    Laura June 9, 2014 at 11:03 am #
  3. Missing you guys already. Please keep us updated on your adventures & I’ll let you know what’s happenin’ in the ‘hood. PS the best things are made in China 🙂

    Lisa June 14, 2014 at 8:18 pm #

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