Day 5 and designing polished cement sink pedestals

Im very pleased with myself, as we have designed the pedestals in a polished cement for the basins ourselves.

Because we need a form to put the cement into I came up with the idea of using vertical bamboo as the encasing so we can pour in the cement. The theory is when the cement is dry, we will remove the bamboo so the cement pedestal will be vertical stripes of embossed bamboo impressions. With the white ceramic basin sitting on top and copper taps to trim it off. This took an hour of discussion with the workers, I’m sure they are thinking we are crazy. We have polished cement floors in a few rooms for completion, including this one that they always eat their lunch on. There is no electric sander available, so the guys will be polishing the floor by hand.




Workers started to demolish the ground floor bathroom today. Dust flying everywhere. I had my first sneeze in Cambodia. Actually it was three in quick repetition. These workers are so quick, already my design lights for the stairwell are being planned. It’s up to me to make the shades. I’m thinking I’ll be the slow one not meeting their work schedule.

Bric-a-brac_Battambang_baloon_lights_1 Bric-a-brac_Battambang_baloon_lights



Today’s shopping spree included six hand basins, steel and wire to make the bases for the basins, and a water tank. To upgrade from a 15,000L (4000 gallon) stainless tank to a 20,000 litres (5200 gallon) costs an extra $5 We splurged and got the 200,000L water tank. Im just glad Im not having to carry it to the roof. We need to find a wax to finish the polished cement sink pedestals and floors. I have found a website that will deliver for free,.. but to us in Cambodia?



In case you’re asking, we are not planning on getting a car. We will just use tuk tuks, taxis vans and buses. Just like the mattress that arrived today on the roof of a tuk tuk.


Day 5 and designing polished cement sink pedestals

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  1. Cool. No car!! Love the idea of the bamboo pedestals. The staircase is fabulous. Will the lighting you’re describing be chandeliers or sky lights/solar tubes? Whatever…the staircase is enchanting. What kind of wax? We have copper sinks that get shiny spots from anything with a lowish pH…toothpaste, vinegar etc; they should be coated, but I never found anything that works well. Most waxes just left a milky coating, like car wax? Carnuba etc. What will you be using?

    Helen McHargue June 10, 2014 at 9:23 am #
    • The lights will be like balloons, made from a white cotton shade, low wattage. Just a glow. And the ceiling will be flood lit. The wax is a thai product, still sourcing it. It makes the cement shiny. The copper is only the piping,.. sinks will be white porcelain.
      xxx M

      morrison June 10, 2014 at 2:56 pm #
  2. I’m really enjoying following along! What’s with the flowers? Did you make them?

    Laura June 10, 2014 at 11:29 am #

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