Libations opens at Bric-a-Brac Battambang Bar

It all started about a month ago, with a local Khmer answering our ad for staff.

In walked this beaming Khmer named Samnang,  saying he was here for a  job. I asked him what  he was looking for and he replied “barman.”  But we don’t have a bar in Battambang, let alone a restaurant I quickly retorted. “That’s ok, but I want to be a barman.”

So I asked him his background. And he responded that he is a barber. We were impressed with his personality — besides being suckers for a good alliteration — and we told him to come back in a week.

So after chatting with Robert we decided to hire the barber as a barman, creating the position especially f0r Samnang. So now we have a great wine bar, absolutely no beer (although if we van source Belgium Alembic we may reconsider) and a simple but well thought out menu of home-made potted pork rillette maison, charcuterie, a rare platter of exceptionally stinky French cheeses, plus excellent baguettes.  All very civilised….


Battambang Bar
Open nightly from 5-9 pm Tuesday through Sunday, with seating outside on the footpath, in our lobby, or inside at the long table in our showroom.

PS: We’re still to get a cut from our new barber, no make that “barman.”  He makes a mean mint julep to go with Robert’s  astounding rillette.








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