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Vodka Flights – Wednesday 27 January


VODKA FLIGHTS – 1 NIGHT ONLY TASTE 100 X DISTILLED CRATER LAKE VODKA FROM OREGON.  The world’s smoothest vodka, and a rare quaff. Plus a range of wheat-, potato- and sugarbeet- vodkas from Russia, Ukraine and France. Food and Beverage specialist Pamela Mourgues guides us through a tasting of five different distillates – plus a […]

Cross stitched Reindeer Christmas Cards


Our latest sewing at Bric-à-Brac: Reindeer Christmas cards. Manually cut and hand embroidered onto recycled local cardboard. Bespoke and carbon footprint free, at its best. Seen here with a green linen thread to create the graphic design of a reindeer. But has anyone in Battambang ever seen a reindeer before? 10 x 14cm/ 4″ x […]

Christmas tree delivery from the Tinsmiths…


METAL Industrial Chic: Its all about hard surfaces this year, and that includes our holiday  decorations in Battambang.  Commissioning local metal tinsmiths, we decked the halls of Bric-à-Brac with red, green, and silver metal trees, in two sizes.  Better yet, they are all for sale, and we can ship DHL! SMALL SIZE – 37 x 25 x 5cm colours: […]

Bric-a-Brac first anniversary


It’s been one year since our Bric-à-Brac inaugural party in Battambang — so it’s time to celebrate again!!!! Please join us Saturday night 21 Nov from 5-9 pm. Bric-à-Brac No 112, 2 Street — one block south of Psar Nath 077 531 549 & 077 531 562 Last Nov 21 we opened our Bric-à-Brac doors […]