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Strangefruit, DJ Stewart Kidd premiers in Battambang this Friday & Saturday early evening, 5-8 pm Two nights only!! You might know Stewart already – from Armand’s Siem Reap, To regular DJ gigs across Cambodia & world-wide. Stewart’s DJ career began during the early days of house music, first at The Tunnel in 1990, alongside the likes of […]

DJ Amro Diaz


Celebrate our 2nd Anniversary at Bric-à-Brac this Monday night 21 November LET’S PARTY: DJ Amro returns Sunset Sessions2 early evening, 5-8 pm Plus $2 x 2nd anniversary French wine — rosé, white & red One night only!!! And a very special thanks to Battambang and especially its Khmer community for befriending and supporting us here in […]

Bric-à-Brac interview with Steve Collins

bric-a-brac-map “Owners of Bric-a-Brac B&B in Battambang Cambodia” from Running a B&B in Battambang Cambodia by Robert Cormack and Morrison Polkinghorne. Genre: Talk.   Steve Collins Radio Roaming – Talking Travel 24/7

Join us in Myanmar this Sept/Oct


Travel to Burma in Sept/Oct with the authors of The Burma Cookbook, awarded Asia’s best cookbook at World Gourmand. Explore a world where time stands still, but whose culinary delights trek new roads. Discover our unique world of culinary tourism. Small group deluxe tours where you dine like a local, from street food to the finest 5-star […]

a nailed sign


We nailed it with this  “Guests Only” sign. Well I didn’t actually hammer every nail into the wood, but I punched each and every template hole, and  it took three days for Mr Channa to hit the nails into position. All lined up in a row to neatly create the text. And just to let […]