green room policy

 we’re cutting our carbon footprint…
We practice responsible and sustainable tourism in a city with antiquated infrastructure.  
Battambang is short of electricity, water and landfill, and we request our guests to act accordingly.   
  • Please turn off lights and air con when not in your room
  • Ceiling fan option in all rooms to minimise A/C use
  • Bed linen is changed every third day, unless requested more often 
  • Bath towels every second day, bath mats daily 
  • Sun-dried laundry, no electric clothes dryers
  • Instant hot water heaters to decrease electricity usage
  • Gravity water flow, not electric pumps
  • We’re cutting down on plastics
  • Complimentary toiletries available on request (minimising plastic bottles)
  • Re-fillable water bottles in all rooms (no disposable plastic)
  • We wrap purchases in paper, use only paper bags,
  • Cocktails with metal straws
  • All plastic bottles and cans recycled
Electricity usage leads to hydroelectric dams built on the Mekong upriver in Laos and China. The result is a death in fish, and more alarmingly, unreliable river flows to Cambodia –which is the country’s life blood.  Sinking water tables risk undermining ancient temples.  
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