Teaching how to make a turks head knot

Today, I taught two people how to make a turks head knot. Last week I tried to teach a left-handed person, but that was more problematic.

Years ago I had bought a cufflink in New York that consisted of two turks’ heads and I tried to copy it. Eight hours later, I successfully achieved my first. Now days, after making thousands I can whip one up in a few minutes.

Our latest guests asked me how to make a turk’s head. So before I knew it, I had Visal and Marie to teach. I have taught others how to make them, but that was only on a one-to-one basis. Today’s class I had two willing students.

To make a turk’s head, you need a cylinder or dowel base to form it on, such as a pen — about 1-1.5m / 3 – 4ft of cord and a needle with a huge eye to thread thick cord.
When you make a turks head you will create layers, the first being the basis of it all,  as well as being the most important layer and its most difficult. If this first layer is wrong, then your turk’s head knot will not work out. A turk’s head is made up of two to many layers that all follow the first layer.

Follow these steps, and you cannot go wrong.  Or better yet, come to Battambang and learn directly from the horse’s mouth.

TIPS: After you have mastered the first layer, follow with the same cord to create the second layer, then the third, etc.

When completed, if your turk’s head is not tight, go back to the beginning and just pull every individual section and layer to make it tight.

Good luck! And is there anyone willing to try to make a turks head knot? I’d love to see your results.




DIRECTIONS – Step by step on how to make a Turks Head Knot.

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