a nailed sign

We nailed it with this  “Guests Only” sign.

Well I didn’t actually hammer every nail into the wood, but I punched each and every template hole, and  it took three days for Mr Channa to hit the nails into position. All lined up in a row to neatly create the text. And just to let you know, not a finger — nor toe — was hurt in the process. (We take workers’ safety seriously here at Bric-à-Brac.)


Choose a plank of wood and a bunch of nails, then choose a large font size to print out your wording. Make the font large, about one or two letters per full page. Draw a graph over the printed letters and make a dot. Tape this paper onto the board and hit a nail into every single dot.
When completed, remove the paper and now let your nails age and rust.




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