Battambang Ferry Transit

The Battambang Ferry Transit is the easiest way to cross the river.

If you’re staying on the other side of the river, this is an easy way to get to the old colonial town. On First Street, from the local market walk over to the river and then down to the bank along a rickety path. Wave for Mr Tah Talong Hoo who may be sleeping in a lean-to shed on the other side. There are two small 6 inch/15 cm  high small stools that you can squat on, but the locals stand. (And Westerners with the knees…) crossing just pay him 500 real (about $0.12) per person. Return fair is the same. He is not always there, so before climbing down, check to see if there’s a boat visible. But to walk to the other side only takes 10-15min. The Battambang Ferry Transit is one of the magical experiences of my new home town.



Battambang Ferry Transit

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