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Eating amok


Eating amok What exactly is Cambodian cuisine? In a nation impoverished for over a generation by warfare and divided geographically across its diaspora, it’s difficult to surmise even what it was, let alone what it is. For example, there is still no formal Cambodian culinary curriculum taught in the Kingdom. Instead, ASEAN programs dominate hospitality […]

Battambang: Cambodia’s fast-rising cultural capital and next destination.


Silkwinds inflight magazine: Dec 2017 Words by Calum Stuart Photography by Charlotte Pert With its storied history, glorious architecture and vibrant art scene, once-sleepy Battambang looks set to become Cambodia’s next must-see destination. A place where East meets West, where colonial grandeur meets the spectacular temples of its Buddhist roots – Battambang, Cambodia’s second-biggest city, […]

Bric-à-Brac interview with Steve Collins

bric-a-brac-map “Owners of Bric-a-Brac B&B in Battambang Cambodia” from Running a B&B in Battambang Cambodia by Robert Cormack and Morrison Polkinghorne. Genre: Talk.   Steve Collins Radio Roaming – Talking Travel 24/7