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Battambang art premiers at Amansara


A new series of Lotus Art premiers this week at Amansara. Battambang-based artist and Australian native Morrison Polkinghorne premiers his series of “Lotus Art” grey-black toned paintings made from lotus stems. Amansara is a fitting venue for the Lotus Art collection. Formerly the private Siem Reap residence of Cambodia’s King Sihanouk, its restored Khmer Moderne […]

stenciling in Battambang


I adore stenciling. Those who know me realise that I’ve always created garage-sale signs with a stencil and a tin of spray paint. But it has so much more potential. On the right, I’ve stencilled a graffiti motif in our Bric-à-Brac bathrooms.   Start by printing with your computer the image you want, then tape […]

Waxing & waning, cooking & tasseling

Candle stick making

We’ve welcome in-house guests at Bric-a-Brac for candle making, Myanmar cooking classes, and tassel making. Using recipes from The Burma Cookbook, stroll through the Deco Psar Nath market in the early evening to learn about  indigenous ingredients, plus buying victuals for the evening. Return to the kitchen for a cooling glass of lemongrass tea, then we commence cooking. The finale is […]